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Kallen Pokkudan

Mangrove Man of India

The Sleepy Village of Ezhom, on the Banks of Pazhayangadi River in Kannur District, Has, at 500 Acres, the Longest Contiguous Stretch of Mangroves in Kerala. A Natural Shield Against Flood, Erosion, Salinization and Natural Calamities Like Tsunami, This Lush Green Coastal Forest Is the Reason Why There Is Always a Cool Breeze Sweeping Across the Village Even at the Height of Summer.

The Man Responsible for Nurturing These Rich Wetlands Was an Agricultural Labourer From Ezhom Who Dropped Out of School in 2nd Standard.

Kallen Pokkudan Spent Over Two Decades of His Life Planting, Preserving and Tirelessly Campaigning for the Protection of Mangroves. In That Span of Time, He Planted Over One Lakh Mangrove Seedlings Along Riverbanks and the Sea Shore.