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Bharatheeya Vichra Kendram


we are living in a fast-changing world. the tide of globalisation is sweeping across the continents, upsetting and uprooting longstanding cultures and traditions, values and attitudes and forcing radical changes whose consequences are unpredictable. countries like india whose cultural vitality has withstood the shocks of untold foreign invasions and alien cultural onslaughts are now facing serious problems of survival. cultural diversity, varied lifestyles, bio-diversity and dignity of individuals and groups are under threat by the onrush of a consumeristic and materialistic civilization,which has no foundation of a wholesome philosophy,or integral vision of life. for the sake of humanity’s futre well being, this threat has to be squarely faced at all levels. bharatheeya vichara kendram has been visualized as an intellectual forum which can take up such challenges effectively, through in-depth studies, research and propagation of ideas among the elite and the common masses. it was founded in the year 1982 and has at present, thirty functioning units in academically important centers of kerala.

vichara kendram addresses itself to a detailed study of the multi-dimensional achievements of india with a view to substantiat their validity in the present context. leaders of our freedom movement also were animated by the spirit of dedication to translate this national vision into day- to-day experience in all fields of activities and build up free india on the unshakable foundation of her integral culture. our triumphs have not matched our expectation, they do not even compare favourably with that of some countries that won their freedom along with us. what causes concern is our failure in the spiritual and cultural fronts which form the inner core of our national life spring. there has been a weakening of our faith and a slackening of our will to be truly ourselves and proudly own our heritage. doubts and skepticism nag us. the result is that the country has been under overwhelming pressures from external and internal forces, which render our very freedom vulnerable.